Text 10 Aug Client Blues

She cancelled.

I could die.

Photo 2 Aug 124 notes
Text 25 Jul Surge

To be drug-free.

As I have been since Thursday.

And the result is a brand-new pack of cutter blades, band-aids, and two fresh wounds…

But I can do this, I know I can.

Text 23 Jul

15 lithium pills lined up on my bed.

Contemplating taking them in order for a swift and easy fatal overdose.


Text 22 Jun I admit

I’m a hot-headed little bastard.

Text 9 Jun

If I were to close that deal, I would be P250,000 richer.


Text 3 Jun Teach Me Then To…

Feel pain as pain and not as death.

Text 23 May Another Exorcism


The medium saw a man strangling me.

Chairs heard being thrown about.

I’m so drained.

And scared.

And tired.

Demons, go away.

When will I be able to sleep peacefully again?

Text 19 May

You’re so kind you break my heart.

Text 7 May

Don’t know where I’m going.

But you’re here.

You’re here.

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